One of the most difficult decisions to be made after the loss of a loved one is selecting the inscription for his or her tombstone. The inscription is important for several reasons, including being part of a memorial for your loved one. Here are some tips to help you find the right way to honor your loved one through the tombstone. 

Include Art in the Inscription

The tombstone's inscription does not have to be limited to words. You can also incorporate a drawing. For instance, an image of your loved one, flowers, or a favorite possession can be included. The art you select can give visitors an honest depiction of what kind of person your loved one was. 

Keep It Simple

Even though it can sometimes be difficult to sum up how you feel or what you think is most important about your loved one, it is important that you are succinct on the tombstone. Too many words can take away from the message you want to convey with your inscription. Try to focus on what was most important to your loved one and those who loved him or her and use it to guide your word selection. 

Skip the Templates

If you are thinking of using a template for your inscription, do not. A template is an easy method of choosing an inscription, but it does not always accurately capture what was special about your loved one. If you are having trouble thinking of an inscription, talk to several family members and friends to find out what they feel would be most important to include. 

Choose the Right Design

Another way you and your family can express what your loved one meant to you is to choose the right tombstone. The message behind your inscription can be enhanced if placed on a well-crafted tombstone. Instead of going for tombstones that are commonly used, consider a custom-made tombstone. Little things, such as a unique shape or raised lettering, can make a significant difference and sometimes convey more than words. 

Spend Time with Your Loved One's Memories

There is no set timeline for when you have to create the inscription. Even though you might feel pressured to get one as soon as you can, take your time. Spend some time to remember your loved one and the things he or she loved. By waiting to create the inscription, you have the space you need to come up with a creative message.

There are very few set rules when it comes to creating an inscription for the tombstone. The most important thing to remember is that this is your chance to offer up a lasting memorial to your loved one. Consider speaking with a representative from First Call Cemetery Monuments funeral services for more ideas.